If you wonder if COVID-19 had been the cause of a recent illness, antibody testing is available through Quest Laboratories. We can order it for you.


Insurance coverage: Insurance companies have been directed to cover the cost of testing without co-pays, but verify with your own insurance first.


What do the results mean: In the vast majority of positive tests, it means you have had a recent COVID-19 infection, and are no longer contagious to others But there can be false positives with any test, and some other Corona viruses can produce those false positives, so the results need to be reviewed by a physician. Studies are still pending regarding whether this provides immunity to infection or re-infection, so continuing precautions for yourself are still recommended.


What about turnaround times? Quest is presently reporting a turnaround time of 3-4 days, but that could vary depending on demand and day of the week.


What is the procedure? You would be evaluated by a practitioner, and an order sent to the Quest draw station. You would go there and have your blood drawn.

Location.. 901 Leighton Ave.  Suite 302   Anniston, Al

Hours.. M-Thursday 8-12. 1-4

Friday 8-12

The results would be reported to our office, and we could notify you of the results.


To schedule a visit and get test ordered, call or text 256 741-1339 or call 256 835-0076 To learn more about the test:   Quest Antibody test